Hey. How you doin'


I'm Pratik. I am a:

This website is my collection of experiments on web development, photography techniques, fitness routines, or silly DIY projects. My today I learned posts are 5 minute reads on CSV manipulation in Ruby, Using var to declare variables? That's old-school., or Using var to declare variables? That's old-school.


Growing up, there was something magical about building with my hands; I loved legos, model kits, hot wheel tracks and ideas. Code brings me that magical feeling of constantly working on a puzzle. But, an important question I have long sought to answer is why do most developers go broke? And after much thought through out the years, I have realized why: Because they use up all their...cache.

Along with the nerdy web stuff, I frequently toy around with GoPros, drones, and DSLRs to chase after preserving 'the moment'. In the end, my work teaches me valuable lessons in photography and videography that I hope to share through my posts.

Pursuing peak physical condition has been one of my longest standing challenges. I guess it's the journey, not the destination. My posts on fitness aim to document my attempts at shredding fat, muscle training, new motivation techniques and improving flexibility.

Am I fit yet?

Besides writing about building websites and muscles, my DIY experiments on home automation, carpentry, and electronics take up nearly all of my free time. Got a spare microwave? or refrigerator? or car? Please let me tear it apart :pray:. Or wanna work with me on a project? Message me.

Thought I'd let you go without a great pun?